Poetic realism

Beyond the essence of reality: searching for feelings, moods, and the poetry of life

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Italy Wedding Photographer
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Hello there,


Please allow me to introduce myself: I am Mauro Pozzer, a creator, a father, and a photographer living and working in Italy.


I am no newbie: photography had been my passion ever since I was sixteen, and my work for the past thirty years. Through photography, I capture the essence of the experiences that I live.


I’ve been doing that for my entire life, boxes of photographs of my youth, of my family, my daughters, my travels, my late wife. I’ve been doing that as a job, working as a wedding photographer all around Italy and in other countries as well, sharing the happiest moments with my couples.


Life changed the way I feel about photography, over and over again. In the past five years, I’ve been focusing on socially relevant topics and shot several projects inside hospitals and hospices as a way to live and process my own grief, losses, and rebirth.


Through that, I was able to redefine what photography is to me – the core essence of my wedding and social photography.


Wedding photography, to me, is a form of poetic realism: capturing and going beyond the very essence of reality, and searching for a poetry of life in itself.


Welcome to my world.

a lifelong search for meaning

Having spent the better part of my life in the photography industry, I can say I have experienced them all: I have worked all over the world, shot – literally – thousands of weddings, followed trends, and also, in some ways, created them. At a certain point, I felt the urge to step back, slow down, and find a way to re-ignite the love for my oldest companion, my first real love, photography itself.

I stripped my wedding photography down from all the layers, all the structures, and went back to the core. I started shooting film again, feeling the emotions of stopping time and creating memories with my bare hands; I went back to what moved me, immersing myself into the moments, silently observing the world around me. In wedding photography, the use of analog photography creates a unique and timeless look.


Find out more at: https://www.analogfilmwedding.com/en/

These are some wedding photographs I shot around Italy and worldwide that represent my search.

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poetry of life
a story is all it takes
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where the old meets the new

A Kubrik-esque wedding in the 

heart of Venice.

of chaos and peace

An ancient culture meets the contemporary in the

wonderful city of Paris.

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italy wedding photographer © 
the artist and the creator

The artist and the scientist get married in

the Gypsoteca Canova.

poetic realism
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Poetic realism in wedding photography refers to a photographic style that aims to capture the beauty and emotion of a wedding day in a natural and authentic way. It is a combination of traditional wedding photography and photojournalism, which focuses on capturing candid moments as they unfold, while also incorporating artistic and creative elements to create a beautiful and timeless image.


Poetic realism wedding photography often uses a mix of natural light and artificial lighting to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

The images are often processed to give them a soft, dreamy, and nostalgic look. This style emphasizes the use of natural settings and minimal posing to capture the essence of the moment and the personality of the couple.


To achieve poetic realism in wedding photography, photographers often take a documentary approach, observing the events and emotions of the day without interfering. This allows them to capture the natural interactions between the couple and their guests, resulting in images that are genuine and full of emotion.


In summary, poetic realism in wedding photography is all about capturing the essence of a wedding day in a natural, authentic, and artistic way. It requires a skilled photographer who can blend traditional and contemporary styles to create a stunning collection of images that will be cherished for years to come.

Your experiences and kind words
To an outstanding photographer Mauro Pozzer and his well chosen team: as I wrote earlier, we would like to thank you in advance for the precious memories that we will look forward to in the future!
We looked at several photographers before choosing you Mauro Pozzer and apparently we have chosen not only one of the best but also a team that clearly has a long and extensive experience in their field made up of genuine and discreet members who do their job in a way that does not disturb our natural behavior and that is why we will get images that will allow us to relive what we experienced on that special day because you managed to capture our emotions!
You are the photographer we were looking for and we never stop seeing your work! You kiss ❤️

Joelle & Ibrahim
When we started planning our wedding in Venice all we needed was a photographer to try and capture some of these intimate moments, even though we knew it would be impossible to have simple images that tell our whole story. How wrong we were. This is exactly what Mauro managed to do. A few days after the wedding, which was just as we expected, we obviously felt a bit sad, remembering great moments that already seemed lost forever... but when we received the presentation of some photos taken by Mauro, the feeling we had to see it it was amazing. Through his art and his gift, he made us relive every single moment, every little detail we shared on this special day. Thank you for this day that didn't feel even a second like a shooting session, but it was exactly what we had in mind, a walk around Venice here and there, holding hands, visiting, talking, laughing, drinking, partying as if it were it was just us... with an incredible and almost invisible artist to capture every single moment we shared that day. There is absolutely no need to say what an amazing photographer you are, people will just find out for themselves. Just like we did 😊❤️ Kindly,
Rachel & Nicolas
We can’t say enough positive things about Mauro and the job he did with our wedding pictures.
Mauro was extremely professional, was able to very easily take our lead on what types of pictures we were looking for, but also did a fabulous job of taking creative leeway when he saw the opportunity.
The best endorsement I can give Mauro is this: we asked Mauro to do our photos for our wedding in 2010, and when we decided to do voe renewals in 2015, Mauro was the first person we booked for the wedding.
Highly recommend!

Blair & Mike

"Only powerfully conceived images have the ability to penetrate the memory, to stay there, in short to become unforgettable"

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Italy Wedding Photographer
Italy Wedding Photographer
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